Campaign: Cotton Furniture at your Fingertips

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Let’s be real here, when it comes to decorating a new apartment or home, furniture shopping can be a big pain in the behind.

By the time you’ve measured your space, tried out your piece, stuffed said item in the back of your car, and lugged it into your home, you’re exhausted. And if you’re one of the few shoppers who decided to make it easy on yourself and order online, shipping may be quick but it’s also a fortune. Then there are the rest of us. Those delusional handy-man wannabes who decided to order cheap pieces that come with a 100 page manual including assembly directions and a missing screw or two. Not to mention, the item almost always eventually ends up in a pile of wood on your floor.

You must be thinking to yourself, there has to be a better way. How do we stop the madness? Luckily, a new start-up heard your every cry and complaint and set out to create an easier method.

This company is called Campaign and they are simplifying the way you buy furniture. The line includes a chair and two sofas of different sizes. They come in five colors starting at the reasonable price of $495. Our favorite part? Each piece is made of durable cotton, making these items easy to clean and comfortable to sit on.

They are flat-packed and shipped for free straight to your door and take only a few minutes to assemble – without a screwdriver, hammer and wrench thingamajig. So we want to offer Campaign a well-deserved shoutout for finally offering the world a better way! We are so grateful. And our apartments look pretty amazing, if we do say so ourselves.

Check them out and shop the collection!

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