4 Ways To Wear On-Trend Denim This Spring and Summer

Spring Denim Trends Hero

Spring has finally arrived, bringing with the warm weather a whole host of new fashion opportunities. Spring is all about the effortless look, and the best spring looks often include denim; after all, there’s nothing that says “effortless cool” like your favorite pair of jeans. But there is so much more to denim than meets the eye, especially this season!

Look beyond your trusty pair of jeans, and dare to try something a little bolder this spring. We’ve got your spring denim guide--how to wear new denim trends your way, taking a classic closet staple and making it uniquely yours. Read on for style tips, a trend guide, and some nifty DIYs that will absolutely elevate your denim look this spring!

Embroidered & Embellished Jeans

We’ve already showed you how to style embroidered jeans, but there’s a lot more to wearing this embellished style than embroidery. Embellished jeans can sport quirky patches, pearls and beads, patterned fabric, paint splatters, even pom poms! The best part about this trend is how endlessly customizable it is: there’s a look for every personality.

The best way to style embellished jeans is to let the jeans be the star of an ensemble. Pair them with a simple top and flats, or try to echo the colors found in the patterns and embellishments. Can’t find a pair that perfectly reflects you? We’ve got the perfect DIY: an easy-to-follow tutorial that’ll guide you through the process of making your own bespoke pair! 

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are back in style in a big way. A fashion staple that has seen a rebirth in recent years, the denim jacket is another piece that’s a blank canvas to customize to your heart’s content. Longline, duster-style denim jackets are a huge trend for spring, but the classic cut is just as fashionable! Throw on a denim jacket over a girly dress and canvas sneakers for a chic daytime look, or pair it with a crisp white midi skirt for some added feminine flair. Make a plain jean jacket completely unique by sewing on fabric panels in the patterns of your choice—the sky's the limit!

Overalls & Rompers

Overalls used to scream “plain” and “ordinary” but not anymore! Once a workwear staple, overalls have become the de rigeur trend for the fashionable elite. Overalls have gotten a huge upgrade recently, looking more like tailored denim “rompers” than what we would recognize as overalls. They come in all washes and are appropriate for fall as well as spring and summer. Layer a brightly-colored top underneath your denim overalls, or opt for a more tailored look by wearing a pure white cotton blouse and strappy flats.

Denim Accessories

Denim and spring are the perfect combination, which is why you could totally extend your love of denim into your accessories, too! Try tying a light-wash denim scarf around your neck as the perfect finishing touch to a boho-style dress, or style your hair into a high bun using denim hair bows. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, give these amazing DIY Denim Earrings tutorial a go! The contrast of casual denim with the glitziness of the gems make this DIY a must-try. 

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