4 Iron-Free Tricks to Get Rid of Wrinkles


Ever race out the door just to realize your super cute shirt & skirt pairing is wrinkled in all the wrong ways? Luckily, Rue La La has a few tips that will help you keep it smooth, sans iron.

1.Hot Air: Did you know your hair dryer can style your strands AND smooth out your clothing? Just dampen the wrinkled parts of your garment, then apply low heat with your hair dryer. Keep the dyer at least two inches away from your clothing.

2.Steam Queens. An everyday teakettle can get the job done. Use the steam to remove creases by positioning the kettle about a foot away from the item.

3.Shower Power. If all else fails, the ol' shower trick is tried and true. Just leave your garment hanging from the shower rack and turn on the shower to full heat. Leave the room, and close the door behind you. After 3-5 minutes your garment will be good as new.

4.Spritz It. There are a few good wrinkle-free sprays of the drug store variety. You can also make your own.

Now, resume your ready-for-work power walk.

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